Elderly occupants, those who wish to stay at Sandhya Need and avail facilities at old age home can register & book flats/suite,double seated room,Four seater Room as per their need. Sandhya Need has been dedicated to the elderly people with moto "Let elderly people be healthy & happy".


  1. Occupants of all religions,castes and creed who are 60 years old can apply for it.The person should be physically and mentally fit and be able to do his own works. In special case people with age less than 60 years may be allowed, at the discretion of Sandhya Need Samiti.
  2. All the meals, breakfast, Tea and milk will be served at common dining hall only as per schedule. Menu will be decided by samiti & will be displayed.
  3. Room service will not be provided to the occupants in any condition. Only sick occupants will be served food in room as per direction of the consultant physician.

       Good wishes and greeting for your joyful and healthy life.

"We silently meditate on the glory
of that being, who has produced this
Universe, to take care of all elderly
people on this Earth, so as to lead
a happy & healthier life."

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