Sandhya Need Oldage Home

Sandhyaneed Oldage Home is the Best Old Age Home in Jaipur and Near by Area. Sandhya Need Oldage Home is situated at village dhodhsar on Jaipur-Sikar (NH-52). The founder of this oldage home is Dr. N.C. Lunayach. This oldage home was inaugurated on 15th January 2015 by Mr. Sumedha Nand Saraswati (M.P., Sikar) and Shri Ratan Jaldhari (M.L.A, Sikar). Oldage Home is the home of aged people. Oldage home is a symbol of self respect, self relience and livelihood. There is a big library in the oldage home. In this oldage home, all the aged people take breakfast and lunch together in the dining room. There is facility of indoor games also. there is a meditation hall in this oldage home. There is an isolation ward. There is also a big temple where the aged people can pray/worship according to their belief. There is a big garden in this oldage home where the aged people walk in the morning. There is a big garden of various fruits. In this oldage home residence is provided to all the religion without any discrimination. There is a facility of religious trip or pligrimage twice a year. This oldage home is a symbol of service. All the festivals are celebrated together in this oldage home. This oldage home is a symbol of brotherhood and Sanskar/Sanskriti. Oldage home focus on cleanliness. All the rooms possess modern facilities in this oldage home. This oldage home does not receive any kind of chairity or help from Government.