Our Mission

  1. To work for the betterment of the child labour, to provide them education and to manage their rehabilitation.
  2. To make the Pinkcity Jaipur full of greenery and to organize rallies to spread consciousness towards the environment and to launch various projects related to this.
  3. To promote the production of medicinal plants and to distribute them for the public welfare.
  4. To make special projects and to implement them for the educational upliftment and health awareness among the slum dwellers.
  5. To work for eradicating the social evils and superstitions.
  6. To launch projects to help the people afflicted with natural calamities like floods, droughts, earth quake etc.
  7. To render a helping hand to the disabled and needy people from all the communities and religions and to give them monetary and every possible help.
  8. To prepare projects for community service and to implement them.
  9. To Rehabilitate the old & destitutes by constructing old age homes and arranging welfare programmes for them.
  10. To start organizations for the widows and divorced women of the rural areas for their welfare.
  11. To prepare helpline for the tourists and to render them every possible help.
  12. To organize various programmes and activities for the rural women.
  13. To make creative efforts for the establishment of love and peace in the society.
  14. To work for the exchange of art, literature and culture at international level and to promote brotherhood among the people of the world.
  15. To organize training workshops for leading a stress free life.