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Foundation of a retreat for the aged & lonely was laid on 12 Oct 2009, with blessings of his holiness Shri Shri Narayandasji Maharaj of Triveni Dham for humanitarian cause.

Old age is an inevitable process of ageing and family is of vital importance in caring for its elderly people and relatives can usually cope with most of the problems of old age. But in today's scenario old age has become a curse for many, as elderly people are left in isolation without care to live a life of loneliness. Major cause of exhibiting negligency towards elderly people is poverty & emergence of nuclear family – A modern family concept.

In this age of MNC's & FDIs, working professionals today are compelled to move away from home & work in far away places. The elders of such families often do not wish to live permanently with their children in strange & distant places.

Apart from that many NRIs have their parents or relatives staying alone in Rajasthan or other places of India. Most probably those NRIs are helpless for being unable to give company and are left worrying about their near & dear ones in the matter of giving them a secured & a comfortable life without solitude. There are only few old age homes who can cater old people of this group. Sandhya Need is confident to cater this group who have resources but are unable to take care effectively.

Sandhyaneed Oldage Home is the Best Old Age Home in Jaipur and Near by Area.